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Pro-Fit21 was created to give freelance personal trainers in Manchester, a platform to increase their online profile and therefore their potential revenue stream. It is founded on the concept that a team of people can accomplish so much more than an individual in their business.

Personal training in Manchester is a massive industry and with so much competition, I think it’s important to support each other in all the ways that we can. Many freelance personal trainers in Manchester have a weak online presence and that’s why they struggle. They could be the best personal trainers in Manchester, maybe even in the UK, but if people can’t find them online, and aren’t aware of them, they’re not going to excel and progress within the industry.

We might scoff at the idea of documenting our every move on Instagram, tweeting our latest client signing or tagging ourselves on Facebook at every gym in the country, but it’s necessary for exposure and success in this kind of industry. You’ve just got to get over the thousands of people posting pictures of poached eggs and smashed avocado…

If someone wants to find a fitness trainer in Manchester, then they’re going to turn to Google, which is why it’s essential to have a strong online presence.

If your prospective clients can’t find you on Google, then why should they trust that you’ll get the job done for them? Because you say you will? Personal training in Manchester is incredibly competitive so a client is much more likely to choose Harry Big Guns who is Page 1 on Google, with 8000 twitter followers, 10,000 Instagram followers and 2000 Facebook Page likes. It doesn’t matter how much better you are than him.

That is the driving force behind Pro-Fit21. It is an online platform that generates more online leads through a collective loading of high quality content from the numerous personal trainers Manchester has to offer. Because if there is one golden rule that all online profiling lives by it’s that Content is King.

The more a site renews its content and the more people are viewing, liking and sharing high quality content that you put out there, the higher the ranking on Google will be and the more your profile will grow. It’s simple. You make that content relevant and useful to your audience and they will get to like, know and trust you.

I upload something new every day that aims to entertain and inform people. That’s my style: info-tainment. If someone stumbles across one of these things, great! If not, Google sees that my site updates itself every day. Either way it serves a purpose and isn’t a waste of time.

So I’m calling all personal trainers in Manchester to join me and help build a community which can help us all achieve the success we’re working hard for.

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